Sunday, January 23, 2011

13 Weeks Since Surgery

My hip is actually feeling very good. For 2 weeks, I was doing 1-2 hours of cardio/day in my home gym, made up of elliptical and treadmill walking with short intervals of jogging. Along the way my right knee has started to give me problems. This knee (same leg as hip surgery) was giving me problems prior to surgery and during my second to last race, 2009 Where's Waldo 100k. Prior to hip surgery, I had an MRI to check on the meniscus which came out negative. This was good news but, not any closer to finding out what was wrong. Long story short, I will have to work through this one for a little while and see where it takes me.

After a few days rest, I ventured out onto the track this weekend, thinking that maybe the treadmill was irritating the knee. Yesterday I did 3 miles of 300m jog and 100m walk and today 4 miles of the same. This was very painful but seemed to get better as I went. Ironically, my hip seems ready to go but my knee is not happy. In talking with my PT, we think that the knee issue may have been caused from the abnormal biomechanics of my femoral head in the acetabulum, as a result of the torn labrum. These mechanics most likely were compounded by my week gluteal muscles and overactive illiopsoas and tensor fascia lata. Although, I have been working hard since surgery and improved my weaknesses, I still have issues.

I will continue on and keep working hard, while understanding that there will be bumps along the way to slow me down. Fortunately, I have been through this a few times.


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