Monday, June 22, 2009

Training For June 14-June 20

A bit of a down week to take care of a few aches and pains:

June 14- 10.5 miles (1:13:16) Home-Rexius TR-Amazon TR-Campus Cemetary-Back; AV 7:02
June 15- 12 miles (1:21:46) DAC-Amazon TR-24th-Pre's TR-VRC Bike Path-Back to DAC w/Susannha Beck; Moderate Pace on Bike Path (6:45, 6:38, 6:39, 6:44).  Lift at Gym.
June 16- Off (Rest Foot/Knee)
June 17- 12 miles (1:24:28) DAC-Amazon TR- Rexius TR-Headwaters Hill-Ridgeline TR-Dillard LP-Back; AV 7:02 (~600 ft. +/-)  Felt Great!
June 18- 12 miles (1:15:44) Amazon Trail x12. 3M Warm Up, 1M w/8x 100m strides (6:02), 4x mile w/400m Recovery continuous- 5:31, 1:40, 5:32, 1:40, 5:30, 1:36, 5:29, 1:33- 5M (28:30) AV 5:42 (5:30.5/1:37), 3M Warm Down (6:45, 6:42, 6:29)
June 19- 15 miles (1:50:40) DAC-Amazon TR-Rexius TR- Headwaters Hill-Ridgeline TR-Spencer Butte Summit-Back (Summit Split Up- 29:46). AV ~7:22. (1,500 ft. +/-) Lift at Gym.
June 20- 20.5 miles (2:26:35) Home- Rexius TR-Amazon TR-24th Ave-Hendricks Park LP-Back-Headwaters Hill-Ridgeline TR-Blanton-Back. AV ~7:20 (~1,700 ft. +/-) Felt Great!

Weekly Total- 82 miles with 3,800 ft. +/-

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Training For June 7- June 13

June 7- 20.5 miles (2:46:18) Home-Headwaters TR- Ridgeline TR to Willamette TR Head- Back to Fox Hollow-Dillard LP x2- Back to Willamette-Back to Fox Hollow-Headwaters- Rexius TR-Amazon TR x2- Back Home; 1st 13M Hilly & Last 7.5 Flat.
June 8- 10 miles (1:11:43) DAC-Pre's Trail-Finger-Theater LP-Back; AV 7:02
June 9- 12 miles (1:26:59) DAC-Amazon TR-Rexius-Headwaters Hill-Ridgeline TR Dillard LP- Back; AV 7:22
June 10- 14.5 miles (1:36:52) DAC- Amazon TR x13-Back. 8M MP Run changed to 2x 4M w/4:42 Rec. (Stomach/Tired). 3.25M WU, 1M w/ strides (6:07), 4M (23:47) AV 5:57-- 5:57, 5:58, 5:56, 5:55, 4:42 Recovery, 4M (23:15) AV 5:49-- 5:51, 5:51, 5:51, 5:40, 2.25M WD
June 11- 10 miles (1:11:53) DAC-Pre's Trail-Finger-Theater LP-Back w/ Lewis T.; AV 7:03, Lift at Gym
June 12- 13 miles (1:48:36) Headwaters Hill- Spencer Butte Summit-Back x2; (31:21 Up, 23:51 Dwn, 30:00 Up, 23:23 Dwn) Felt Good. 3,000 ft. +/-
June 13- 32 miles (4:53/5:05) Hardesty TR-S. Willamette TR-Eula Ridge TR-Hardest Mtn Summit-Hardesty TR Dwn-Goodman Creek TR to Eagles Rest Summit-Back Dwn; 5,500 ft. +/-

Weekly Total 112 miles, 8,500 ft. +/-

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IAU World Trail Challenge

The next event on my schedule will be the Merrell Serre-Chevalier Race Across The Sky.  The 2009 edition of this event has been designated the 2nd Annual IAU World Trail Challenge. Individuals will represent their respective countries in this rugged alpine event, which boasts 10,500 ft. of gain/loss in elevation.  The course is 68k in the French alpine region along the Grand Randonnee (walking) Trail that links the Guisane Valley with the Claree Valley passing through the Ceres Massif via the summits of the Col de Galibier (8,667 ft.), Col de Beraudes (9,498 ft.), and the Col de Buffere (7,962 ft.) near the Ecrins National Park.  

The two individuals representing the USA will by myself and Ben Nephew of Marshfield, MA.  We both are a bit concerned with the altitude of the course.  I'm not sure about Ben, but I will be able to get a few runs/hikes in at elevations above 6-7,000 ft. prior to leaving for France.  This won't do much but I figure it will be better than nothing.  Most of my focus will be on as much altitude gain/loss than I can safely handle.  Basically getting the quads ready for the long ups and downs. 

A second concern is the fact that there will only be three aid stations along the 42 mile course (6.5-7.5 hours of racing).  As a result, race officials will have an equipment check prior to the start, making sure everyone has the minimum requirement of 2 liters of fluid.  Race organizers also "recommend" that everyone carry "survival" gear and to be prepared for alpine conditions.  I think I will just stick with the usual equipment with the addition of the Nathan HPL 2.0L Racing Vest/Bladder and a light jacket.

If anyone out there has had experiences running in the French Alps or in a race such as this, I would love to hear any suggestions you may have on what to expect or how to approach this event.

A great highlight video can be seen at the link below:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Training For May 31- June 6

Mt Hardesty (photo by Brian Jenkins)

May 31- 32 miles (~5:20) Mt. Hardesty TR- S. Willamette Trail- Eula Ridge TR- Mt Hardesty Summit- Mt. Hardesty TR Back- Goodman Creek TR to Eagles Rest Summit- Back w/Olmstead, Thornley, Wolfe, 5,500 ft. +/-
June 1- 10 miles (1:11:38) DAC- Pre TR- Theater LP- Back, AV 7:03
June 2- 12 miles (1:29:46) DAC- Amazon TR- Rexius- Headwaters TR- Ridgeline Dillard LP- Back w/ Lewis Taylor, AV ~7:30, Lift at Gym
June 3- 12 miles (1:22:34) DAC- Pre TR- Finger- Valley River BP- Back, AV 6:54
June 4- 10.5 miles (1:13:42) DAC- Amazon TR- Rexius- Headwaters Hill- Back (Hill 9:35 split), AV ~7:00
June 5- 13 miles (1:28:08) Amazon TR x13- 3M WU- 1M w/8x 100m strides (6:08), 1M- 5:34, Rec. 2:00, 2M 11:17 (5:37- 5:40), Rec. 2:00, 1M (5:30), Rec. 2:00, 2M 11:11 (5:39- 5:32), 3M WD
June 6- 22 miles (5:17 total/4:35) Rooster Rock x2 w/Thornley, 9,000 ft. +/-

Weekly Total- 111.5 miles w/14,500 ft. +/-


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