Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Full Week Of Running

This feels like the first week in the last 9 months that I have put together a week of consistent running. Now I would just like to string together 6-8 more weeks and see where I end up. Nothing to exciting...but it is a start and I am happy to have it.

7/3 Sunday- 7M Treadmill (1:00), 28M (1:43) Bike

7/4 Monday- 7.5M Treadmill (1:02), 30M (1:58) Bike

7/5 Tuesday- 5M Treadmill (42:26), 14M (:56) Bike (to/from work)

7/6 Wednesday- 7+M Treadmill (1:00), 14M (:58) Bike (to/from work)

7/7 Thursday- 7+M Treadmill (1:00)

7/8 Friday- 7+M Treadmill (1:00), 14M (:56) Bike (to/from work)

7/9 Saturday- 8M Treadmill (1:06), 25M (1:32) Bike

Weekly Total:

49 miles (6:50)
125 miles bike (7:53)

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Weekend Of Burning Fat

I am happy to say that this weekend was a good one....filled with lots of calories and skin burned. I spent the long weekend running on the treadmill and riding the road bike out in the sun (hence the burned skin). The weekend was kicked off by Lewis Taylor's "Post-Western States 100 BBQ". Seeing all my friends with their WSER Silver Buckles (except Bili....he had a bronze) and looking fit was great to see and quite motivating.

Congrats to all my friends who ran the 2011 Western States Endurance 100 Miler: (some had great days, some had rough days, but all finished)

3. Nick Clark (15:50)
11. Dan Olmstead (16:45)
F7. Meghan Arbogast (18:50)
31. Joe Uhan (20:01)
32. Lewis Taylor (20:02)
41. Craig Thornley (20:47)
46. Todd Braje (21:11)
47. Scott Jaime (21:19)
-- Jeff Riley (28:34)

As far as my running/activity level goes....I am on another up swing. Hopefully, this one will be long lasting and I can move onward and upward. Below is how my weekend went athletically:

Friday- 3.3 miles (30:00) Treadmill

Saturday- 5 miles (44min) Treadmill, 30min Eliptical, 24.5 miles (1:31) road bike

Sunday- 7 miles (60min) Treadmill, 28 miles (1:43) road bike

Monday- 7.5 miles (62min) Treadmill, 30 miles (1:58) road bike

Tomorrow I will take an easier day and keep moving forward.


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